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 World leaders have vowed to make the corona vaccine available to every rich and poor person

GENEVA World leaders have vowed to speed up work on vaccines drugs and tests against the coronavirus. With vaccines against the coronavirus reaching every rich and poor country. World leaders have vowed to make the corona.

 World leaders have vowed to make the corona

According to the details, world leaders have made a new commitment to preventing the spread of Widow Nineteen. In a video conference. World leaders decided that the acquisition of vaccines drugs and testing capabilities against coronavirus would be further accelerated and completed. Will be spread around the world.

To combat the global epidemic of coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a project called ‘Landmark Calibration. Which featured a video conference of world leaders. Including French President Emmanuel Macron. German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And South African President Cyril Ramaphosa also attended but the United States did not support the World Health Organization’s move.

Oxford’s entire family history of corona vaccine trials

The initiative aims to speed up the process of developing safe and effective vaccines tests and drugs for the protection and diagnosis. The treatment of Widen Nineteen on the one hand. And to ensure that poor treatment of Corona will continue. And the rich have equal access.

At the conference, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanum said. We have a common threat so it can only be defeated by common thinking. He also said in his inaugural address that. Our experience shows that even if resources are available. They are not equally available. We cannot allow that.

He said that when the swine flu epidemic broke out in 2009. There was criticism that vaccines were not distributed evenly because rich countries bought more.

Peter Sands, head of the Global Fund to Fight on AIDS. said Now we have to make sure that those who need it get vaccines. We have to learn from AIDS before millions of antiretroviral drugs become widely available. People were dead

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