Winter: Diseases, precautions, and treatment of infants and adults

During the winter season, children, like children, suffer from various diseases and infections. Winter: Diseases precautions and treatment of infants and adults

As the winter season draws to a close, babies like the miniature flower begin to suffer from a variety of illnesses from becoming colder. The immune system of children is not so strong. So they become a bit cautious.

Runny nose, cold, cough, fever, and shortness of breath are common symptoms in children. All of this is easily overcome with proper focus. In these cases. Most of the upper part of the respiratory system is affected.

Winter: Diseases, precautions and treatment of infants and adults
Winter: Diseases, precautions, and treatment of infants and adults

It is usually caused by a virus. But other bacteria can also be infected and due to lack of proper attention can lead to diseases such as pneumonia and TB which can cause many problems for the baby.

Treatment and Prevention

1. Diseases of the upper respiratory tract, also called URTIs, are either caused by a virus or caused by bacteria. The child is restless. Fever causes the body to feel warm. The upper part of the tonsils and upper respiratory tract is swollen and inflamed. Difficulty in breathing. In these situations. The responsibility of the mother increases. Her job is to comfortably watch the baby’s movements and behavior change and keep the baby in a clean and airy room. Other healthy children should be kept away from it.

2. In case of fever, the baby should continue to feed. It is commonly observed that mothers refrain from feeding their babies in this case. The mother should continue to breastfeed and give most of her drinks.

Treatment and Prevention

3. Baby sleep and rest should be taken full care of.

4 If the temperature is high then it should be controlled by cooling the bandages.

5 Use a fever-reducing medication to reduce fever. But never use aspirin or aspirin in children under the age of 12, as it can cause liver and brain disease.

6 Cod liver oil or honey is a good diet for children and can help prevent respiratory diseases.

7 There are many diseases in which the use of antibiotics is of no use as they are not required for virus infection at all.

If your child’s fever does not subside by following the instructions given above and the respiratory obstruction is worsening. Then you should consult your doctor and start regular treatment so that regular diagnosis can be treated properly. Symptoms, diseases, and treatment of older people in winter

During the winter season, children, like children, suffer from various ailments and infections. Dry cough and mucous cough may leave the cysts. A sore throat does not produce sound. A runny nose causes colds all the time. Asthma is a serious cause of infection in asthmatic patients.

Treatment of dry and mucous cough but,

The immune system of the human body is very strong. Whenever there is an attack on the body. The first attempt is to counter it. Coughing is also part of the immune system. The cough drains the mucus from the upper part of the respiratory tract, making it easier to breathe. Coughing helps keep the airway clear. If the mucus is not expelled, the respiratory tract becomes tight and there are attacks of respiratory and asthma attacks. Therefore, no medication is needed to prevent such a cough.

In fact, cough medicine should be used only when there are other discomforts. Such as fever or any other infection that may need treatment.

Sometimes coughing or steaming hot water and salt can cure cough. Different types of new cough medicines do not really help to prevent coughing at all. Their reckless use is just a waste of money. Therefore, it is better to refrain from using them.

Easy and alternative treatment

It is also good to look at various syrups that reduce or prevent cough. Pockets also carry significant loads but in reality, they have no effect. So it is better to avoid them all. It is beneficial to have a little cough. It keeps the airways clear. In the case of a high cough, the following home remedies may be beneficial.

Put salt or aspirin in warm water and rinse.

In the morning, use two tablespoons of honey mixed with four grated black pepper.

In the morning, use millets in the afternoon.

Before going to bed at night. Warm water in an open pot and steam it with a few drops of Tinc Benzco or salt.

In case of a cold, take hot lime and steam them.

Honey grape juice is the most effective cure for cough. (One cup grape juice + one teaspoon honey)

Soak six drops of sweet almonds in water. In the morning, remove the peel and mix with sugar and butter to make a paste. There is a prescription for dry cough.

Get rid of colds and headaches

Some so-called rulers and fake doctors make cocktails of various medicines for colds. Including pain-relieving allergies, antibiotics, and steroids.

Although this may be an immediate cause, the side effects of these drugs can cause significant problems later. A cold or flu is caused by a virus that has no use at all for these medicines. Avoid over-the-counter medicines such as nasal or closed nasal cysts because it risks blood pressure and blood vessels.

It is best to avoid the use of all such medicines. However, if there is a headache or fever due to a cold. then there is no problem with taking paracetamol or aspirin for a headache or fever. Thus, the use of steroids and antibiotic drugs in the cold is of no use at all. If you have a cold. Consider the following simple homemade prescription:

A cold or flu is caused by a virus that has no effect on a variety of medications. The best treatment for this is steam. Steam eliminates the virus.

Using vitamin C during colds is also beneficial. Orange juice can be used for vitamin C.

Have a soup during the cold and use sour cream.

Avoid cough and sore throat.

Use the mill.

Medicines and treatment for throat diseases

When using medications for various throat problems it is very important to determine whether or not you really need the medicine. Minor sore throat or sore throat is not a major problem. Not being careful about drinking and eating too cold or too hot an item can also lead to a sore throat. Which automatically recovers after a half-day. In addition, antibiotics are needed if there is a throat infection. But it is important to consult a doctor first. Sometimes a slight sore throat can be cured just by trembling. If the discomfort is prolonged, it is best to seek treatment from a doctor.

Easy and alternative treatment

Follow these easy-to-try prescriptions to relieve a sore throat.

Rinse regularly with salt in warm water. but,

Ginger juice was mixed with honey and then licked the throat.

Put a little fennel in the mouth and chew several times a day and swallow its juice.

When the sound is sitting, add a little gold in half a liter of water and cook. If there is a fourth part, take it off and mix it with sugar and use it two to three times a day. The sound will be fine.

Put a spoon of “vinegar” into the water and knead it.

Boil a lemon in water for ten minutes. Take out the juice and pour it into a glass. Add two teaspoons of glycerin to it and stir well. Add two tablespoons of honey and fill the glass with water. Natural cough syrup is ready. Use two tablespoons morning, noon, the evening for 5 days during sore throat cough. The use of millet and fennel also helps to prevent cough.

Asthma medicines, precautions, and treatment Asthma is a very painful disease for children and adults. It causes frequent breathing, which in some cases can be dangerous. Asthma is sometimes caused by allergic substances. Such as sputum house fat, pollen, or food or by an infection that causes the mucus to accumulate in the respiratory tract. Better treatment is to avoid allergic ingredients and control infection.

There are different types of medicines available to treat asthma. They include pills, syrups, and inhalers, but the most important thing to use in medicine is to consult a doctor before using the medicine. ۔ Which is by no means justified. Various anti-allergic vaccines are also used to treat asthma. But experiments have shown that not all vaccines are effective.

Easy and alternative treatment

If you suffer from “asthma,” don’t panic. You have the solution. First, try to know the things that make you suffer from asthma. Avoid these factors. Protect yourself from dust, dust, etc. Also, follow the home prescriptions below. Sha Allah will be pleased.

Avoid any foods that you are allergic to or have asthma attacks.

Use grapefruit, dates, and guava regularly in your daily diet.

Take basil leaves, ginger, onion, squeeze them and mix two tablespoons of honey in it and use two tablespoons in the morning.

Use more vegetables. Use this juice in the carrot season.

Use ginger and honey in lemon juice.

Have vegetable soup in the morning.

Winter: Diseases precautions and treatment of infants and adults

Eat a simple diet, and refrain from poultry foods. and avoid the use of fried foods and high-fat and oily foods.

Avoid cold drinks and smoking.

Consuming two teaspoons of honey daily is effective in asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Clean three or five figs with warm water and put them in boiling water overnight. Drink boiling water by eating salty mouth figs. Do this only for fifteen days. The disease will spread.

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