Why there is pain in the esophagus

Why there is pain in the esophagus

The esophagus starts in the mouth and goes to the upper part of the stomach. Why there is pain in the esophagus. It is shaped like a tube. Diverticulitis Food sometimes gets stuck in a narrow part of the esophagus and the affected part of the esophagus becomes like a sac due to pressure and load.

Why there is pain in the esophagus



This sac is sometimes caused by pressure on the organs around the esophagus. Similarly, if a burning acid, etc., is drunk by mistake, this condition also arises. As the bag grows in volume, more food accumulates there and the stench builds up. This is how the following symptoms develop. The patient feels bad and smells bad.

It is difficult to eat and drink.

The people may feel pain and vomiting. This condition is usually treated with surgical removal of the sac. However, it is now possible to treat this problem without cutting it in new ways. If you have a problem that makes you suspect diverticulitis. You should do nothing but go to the doctor.

The doctor gives her a.

This X-ray is done by drinking a special white solution called barium. This makes the bag clear. The doctor may also decide to examine you directly. That is. He can insert a tube-like device into the esophagus and look directly at the pouch and treat it. Heights are called hernias and hernias are conditions. In which the internal organs leave their natural place and come out through a hole.

This type of hernia affects the stomach.

The hole is in the membrane between the abdomen and the chest, called the diaphragm. The stomach leaves its place through this hole and goes upwards. If the esophagus above the esophagus is small. It pulls the stomach upwards. This makes an unusual sac that contains parts of both the stomach and the upper esophagus. This sac accumulates semi-digested food and acid and thus causes inflammation in the esophagus.

Sometimes it becomes a wound or ulcer.

The man feels pressure and pain in the affected area and a burning sensation behind the main bone of the chest. This pain is exacerbated by lying down. In the same way. The work that puts pressure on the stomach. This pain is increased. For example, obesity bending lifting weights, or eating. In the worst case. The patient has a cough and difficulty breathing, palpitations, and a rapid heartbeat.

If the patient is overweight reduce it

Do not exercise after eating and avoid lying down immediately. Sleep with the lower part of the head slightly above the rest of the body. See a doctor. Esophageal Narrowing. The esophagus narrows due to certain existing or growing tumors. The esophagus can also become narrow due to pressure from external organs. Why there is pain in the esophagus

Similarly if an acid or similar solution is accidentally drunk

The esophagus burns and becomes constricted. The esophagus may also be temporarily narrowed due to soft muscle tension. In chronic constipation. The patient feels a load under the chest bone when swallowing food. He is forced to eat slowly. As the discomfort increases. The food returns to the mouth because it has no way to move forward. The patient does not have nausea and even if it does, it is very rare.

Suffers from returned food.

The patient is always at risk of a lung infection. In the same way, his windpipe can be blocked by a sudden outflow of food. Sometimes the pain is so severe that the patient cannot swallow anything. If the cause of esophageal obstruction is cancer. The first sign is that the patient has difficulty swallowing but does not have pain. Which patient describes with words such as burden or overload.

 Detailed medical examination of the patient becomes necessary.

In the case of cancer. It is treated appropriately. If the narrowing of the esophagus is caused by contracting scars. Bogies are inserted to keep the esophagus open, which makes the esophagus slightly open. It is a surgical procedure performed by an otolaryngologist. Repeated use of this method helps the patient a lot.

 What to do in this situation?

If you have difficulty swallowing food and this difficulty is becoming permanent. Then there is nothing you can do on your own. See a doctor right away. They can solve your problem with proper diagnosis and treatment after a detailed examination. 

Why there is pain in the esophagus

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What should be done with these symptoms?

The patient should get food that is soft and easily digested. Avoid coffee, tea, red pepper, and other spices.

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