What is the life of a woman without the desire for romance

What is the life of a woman without the desire for romance?

Laughing and wearing stylish clothes, Sandhya is 40 years old. For the first time, I can’t believe it, because it looks so much younger than my age. What is the life of a woman without the desire for romance?

What is the life of a woman without the desire for romance

So we could not live without asking them, ‘You hardly look like 30, not 40 years at all. What is the secret?

Darshawk Shah Jahan’s Ladla ‘Thinker, Poet and Sufi’

Cynthia responds with a smile. ‘The secret is to be non-boyfriend, non-husbands, non-family and carefree.’
Sandhya Bansal is a renowned corporate marketing professional and lives in a rented flat in a suburb of Delhi.
Alone she lives because she describes herself as “a romance” person. They did not get married and their views on family or family are quite different.

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Will anyone marry a romance worker?

O-romance referred to like people who generally do not feel romantically attracted to a man or woman? That it is a kind of romance orientation or ‘romance orientation’ that is appealing to a man or woman.

‘Identity priority over family’

Sindhia does not want their identity to be lost in the traditional family structure.
They do not feel that a happy family must have a husband, wife, and children. They say that every family has a unique concept and appreciation.
“At 23-24 years old, I started to realize that there is something about me that sets me apart. At that time, my boyfriends began to become boyfriends. She was dating boys and forming relationships. But I wasn’t doing anything like that. ‘

It wasn’t that Sindhia didn’t like boys at all.

She says, ‘At that time, I was quite fond of a boy. I really liked it. As they continued to live together, their expectations began to grow and I think that was a normal thing.
But when it came to romance or romance, I was a little worried. I felt like my body couldn’t accept it. I felt like I didn’t need romance. ‘
It wasn’t as if Sindhia had any fear of romance. That it was not like she would miss any of her life without romance.
How to identify your romance orientation?
I looking for romance in relationships and confined my relationship to those feelings,” says Sandhya. I have never felt romance attracted to anyone.
She says the boy I loved, I liked to hold his hand, hug him, spend time with him. I started to feel confused when it came to romance or romance. My body stopped supporting me. ‘
“At first I thought I had a serious problem. I began to blame myself for breaking my relationship. ‘
‘But as I read about A-Sequential and began to understand it better, I began to accept myself as I am. Gradually I realized that I had no disease nor am I normal anymore.
He added, ‘I met other people like myself through social media. She says that is how I became aware of my body and my romance orientation and I started feeling confident. ‘

Didn’t they then try to find a way out for themselves?

In response, Sandhya says, “From my experience, I understood that if I had a relationship with a man, his expectations would rise after a while. In the meantime, he had become quite sensitive to his romance identity and was unwilling to compromise on it at any cost.
I came to realize that only a romance guy can become my partner. So I stopped dating another guy and we stopped searching for travel. ‘

What kind of family does Sindhia want?

If they meet someone in the secular community, can they think about living with them?
About this, Sandhya says that she met many people like this on social media but in real life no one found her.
Sandhiya explains, ‘Some people are romance but they do not understand themselves due to lack of proper information. Some people hide their romance tendencies due to social and family pressures and are prone to depression.
Sandhya says if she finds a good boy in her A-romance community, she will definitely think about it.

What does it mean to be a family or a family as an A-SEC?

In response, Sandhya says, ‘I am single now and as far as I think she will be single in the coming time. Currently, my friends, my friends, and the girls in my building are my family. ‘
‘We live in separate rooms but we have a shared kitchen. We meet, talk and be with each other in Sikh misery. This is the family for me. I don’t want my family to dominate me so much that I lose my identity.
‘I’m not married, so your father is not’
‘Being single changes people’s thoughts’

‘Not afraid to be alone’

If Sandia finds her favorite partner or companion, she will want to be with her but there are certain boundaries to the relationship.
She says’ In the picture that comes to my mind from the word family, I and my partner are together but I have space and time for myself.
I think we live together in a house but our rooms are separate. We have shared kitchens where we cook together. Even though we live in separate rooms, we are together when we need each other emotionally. ‘
On the question of becoming a mother and having children, Sandia clearly says, ‘I like the children of others. I don’t want my children and I think that not wanting any woman to have children does not make it any less. ‘
She adds: ‘People often ask me that you be alone. If you have no children, who will take care of you in old age? My straight question is: Are all the elders caring for their children? I’m raising money for my old age. I am investing.
I know that I am alone and I have to take care of myself. So I focus on my health and fitness. I eat the best food. I do yoga and I make a lot of decisions when I make any decisions”.
Sindhia’s family and relatives put pressure on them to marry, but they have clearly denied it.
‘Marrying will not matter’
Live alone and am independent. I go to lunch and dinner alone. Go shopping alone. Even when I get sick, I often go alone to the doctor. I don’t think marriage is a big need in life. I think one of the biggest needs of life is the freedom and the peace of mind to live our lives. ”

What is the attitude of the people in and around their office?

“People do not believe that I am single at 40 and am not in a relationship with anyone,” says Sandhya. They think I’m lying. Will I have a partner or I have an illness? People talk about me, but now I don’t listen to them.
“My younger sister is also married, so the pressure on me to get married is high,” says Sandhya. But now I have stopped listening to the exhortation and sarcasm of the people.
My friends are good but they are not able to accept me as I am. They are worried about me and often advise me to go to the doctor. But I will not go to the doctor because I know I have no problem. ‘
There is a section of society that feels that the traditional structure of the family will be shaken up if the relationships of same-romance, Trans or non-romance persons are accepted.
About this, Sandhya says: ‘I try to explain to you in a very simple language. No garden has the same color flowers. One is red, some yellow is purple. That’s why the garden looks beautiful. That is how different people make our world beautiful.
Sindhia says that the population of the world is so large and that some people do not traditionally marry and live in the house and do not produce children, it will not make any difference.
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