What does bad hair say about your health

What does bad hair say about your health?

The beauty of your hair is directly related to your health. If your hair is dull, thin, lifeless, or falling out then it is time to consider your physical health.

What does bad hair say about your health?

According to medical experts, unhealthy hair loss and thinning hair are taken care of. While the solution to all these complaints is to consider and take care of one’s overall health if you If the beauty of the hair has faded. Then you may have the following diseases.

Premature graying of hair: The cause is stress or nervous tension

Premature graying of hair can also be a family habit. If this is happening in your family, it can be hormonal. Contact a good doctor for this.

Your hair is turning white fast, there is no precedent in the family. It may be due to stress or being restless all the time. hair loss is treated with supplements such as calcium, etc. But this is not a regular and effective treatment.

Rapid baldness: Cause, Cushing’s syndrome

The hormone that is released in large quantities to fight stress is called ‘Carto stole’. The hormone that is released to reduce stress, which causes hair to fall out faster and people to become bald faster. Gets done

Baldness in men is caused by excessive secretion of the hormone ‘androgen’.

Thinning hair: Cause, thyroid hormone imbalance

Thyroid hormone plays a very important role in the human body such as the growth. The human body and keeping the metabolites in balance. The process of releasing the excess amount of thyroid hormone is called ‘hyperthyroidism’. Once the balance of this hormone If damaged. Your hair can become thin, lifeless, and if you manage to balance this hormone. Your hair will become beautiful again.

Rapid hair loss, breakage in the form of tufts: cause, hormonal imbalance

If you have an imbalance of other hormones in your body besides thyroid. Especially estrogen in women, then hair loss starts fast, this process is mostly in women after a long life span. After becoming a mother. Comes.

Hair Loss: Cause, Anemia

Your blood plays the most important role in keeping you healthy. Lack of red blood cells or lack of other basic vitamins and minerals can cause your hair to fall out faster. If during the day. For example your hair is falling out 50 to 100 times this is a normal routine. If your hair is falling out more than that then this is a signal to you from your body that you are not healthy but you Are also plagued by other diseases.

Hair loss with itching in the hair follicles: cause, fungal infection

If the roots of the hair are itchy, it is directly related to your hygiene. Do not neglect the hygiene of your hair. Even if the scalp is covered by the hair, but if the air reaches it properly, any infection can be done easily.

Rapid lubrication of the scalp: Reason, fatty diet

If despite washing your hair daily, your hair becomes full of grease by evening. It is because your diet is high in poultry, so understand that your scalp and hair need a healthy diet. Are doing

How to keep hair healthy?

Take care of your hair, pay special attention to hygiene. Make your diet healthy, increase your intake of Vitamin D, E, B, Iron, green leafy vegetables, and fish in your diet.

It is very important for you to have healthy hair.

Exercise daily and pay special attention to your bedtime, get plenty of sleep

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