Three things must be used to keep the lungs healthy

Three things must be used to keep the lungs healthy

Quit smoking, exercise and keep the lungs healthy while maintaining weight.

Three things must be used to keep the lungs healthy

Lungs have a very important role in the body. Their fitness is related to the health of every organ because the process of absorbing oxygen and spreading it to the whole body begins in the lungs.

Three things must be used to keep the lungs healthy

But experts believe that treatment for COPD is also possible and can be avoided by following only three important things.Lori Shah, a lung transplant specialist at Columbia University in New York, says a disease called COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is difficult to breathe. The disease can be caused by smoking, weakened ecosystems, and environmental pollution or poisoning.

Quit smoking

Smoking is the number one enemy of the lungs, which can affect the heart too. That is why it is important to quit smoking first. The cigarette is also the leading cause of COPD, respiratory diseases and cancer.As soon as the cigarette is quit, the respiratory system and lungs begin to heal and become healed. But the condition is to quit smoking. Nature has an amazing ability to restore its lungs naturally.

Exercise regularly

well, good Aerobic exercises like Piraki increase manpower on the one hand and strengthen the lungs on the other. This is why it is important to do exercises that allow breathing and proper airflow to the lungs.

A report published in the British Medical Journal states that patients with moderate to COPD feel better after just 12 weeks of exercise.

In addition, a half-hour walks three to four times a week, and cycling also strengthens the lungs. It also relieves depression and has a good effect on health overall.

Lose weight

Keeping your weight within range can ensure lung health. Overweight and fat The weight of the meat and fat of women and gentlemen falls on their lungs and they have difficulty breathing. That is why try to keep the weight on a regular basis. Weight loss is the best way can be done with diet and exercise.

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