Those who use contraceptive pills do not know…..!

The use of contraceptive pills is increasing in today’s modern era. Women now use these pills a lot. Experts have shown that women using contraceptive pills are greatly impacting their ability to understand other people’s faces and feelings. And women are unaware of this. Those who use contraceptive pills do not know.

Those who use contraceptive pills do not know

Much has been written for a long time about the side effects of contraceptive pills. Experts have also made revelations about the effects of contraceptive pills such as mood swings, chest pain, nausea, etc.

Some scientists at Germany’s Greifswald University have looked into this topic in 95 healthy women between the ages of 18 and 38. The results of this research have been published in the journal Frontiers of Neuroscience.

Those who use contraceptive pills do not know

Researchers believe that despite the small number of women who participate in this study. The results may be useful in guiding the future use of contraceptive pills.

Of the women who participated in the survey, 42 said they used contraceptive pills while 53 said they did not. The group was shown 37 black and white images, with facial features around people’s faces. Was shown.

Each image was given four titles that conveyed mixed emotions. Such as pride or contempt. Three of them were meant to be removed while one was the desired title.

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These women were told that they would have to press the button that immediately displayed the title of the photo. The results of this study showed that women using contraceptive pills were less likely to correctly understand facial expressions than other participants.

Dr. Alexander Leishk, a senior author of the study, said: ‘If oral contraceptives led to a clear reduction in emotional well-being, we probably would have known this from our spouse on a daily basis. So we assumed that the reduction would be very slight. As a result, we had to experience some sort of emotional recognition in women who could detect this kind of deficiency.

That is why we proposed a combination of facial-eyed facial expressions with emotional recognition. The two groups were similar in identifying simple effects, but women were less likely to correctly identify adverse effects in women taking oral contraceptives. ‘

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