Symptoms showing significant vitamin deficiency in the body

Your body provides plenty of information about health, but you need to know and understand it at the right time.

Symptoms showing significant vitamin

So you can know what’s going on inside the body and what could be the possible cause.

Symptoms showing significant vitamin deficiency in the body
Symptoms showing significant vitamin deficiency in the body

Just need to focus on the symptoms, some of which may be difficult to understand. But some vitamin deficiency may appear in the form of the following symptoms.

Hair and nail polish

There are several reasons for nails and hair loss, including biotin or vitamin B7.

This vitamin helps the body convert to dietary energy and is less prone to deficiency. But when this happens, hair and nails start to become thin, weak, thin, or broken. Which is the most prominent symptom.

Other symptoms include fatigue at all times, pain in stools, stiffness, and numbness in the hands and feet.

It is more common in pregnant women More people with smoking, and diarrheal disorders. While the use of antibiotics and certain medicines can also cause it.

But it is also easy to avoid, such as egg yolk, fish, meat, dairy products, nuts, seeds, spinach, cabbage, yam, pomegranates, bananas, etc. while adults can also use supplements with a doctor’s advice. Can do.

Blisters In The Mouth Or The Burst Of The Lips

If the body lacks B vitamins or iron. The symptom is often seen in the form of cysts in the mouth or cysts on the lips.

One study found that iron levels are twice as likely in blisters in the mouth. While another study found that mouth sores also result in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin B6 deficiency. Maybe.

Similarly, cracks on the lips may also be the result of a deficiency of B vitamins, especially vitamin B1.

Iron-rich foods like chicken, meat, fish, pulses, vegetable vegetables, nuts, seeds, and commodities are notable and if you are experiencing the above symptoms try to make them a habit.

Bleeding from the gums

By the way, a bad tooth cleanser can also cause gums to bleed, but vitamin C deficiency is one of the major causes in the body.

Vitamin C plays an important role in wound healing and immunity and protects cells from damage by acting as antioxidants. The body does not make this vitamin itself and it is possible to achieve it through diet.

If using fresh fruits and vegetables is not a habit of vitamin C deficiency, but nowadays most people do not like to eat vegetables and in the absence of bleeding gums can also appear in the form of bleeding and teeth loss. Can come.

Night vision is affected

If the diet does not contain the proper amount of vitamin A, night vision problems may arise because of this vitamin deficiency causes people to lose their ability to see in low light or darkness.

Vitamin A is a rhodopsin component found in the kidney that helps with night vision and if it does not cure problems, it can also lead to blindness to the kidney, damaging the kidney. Can become

But the important thing is that dairy products, eggs, fish, green leafy vegetables and yellow and orange vegetables are rich in vitamins, which do not allow them to be consumed.
D Until its diagnosis, you should avoid using vitamin A supplementation as excessive amounts of fat increase the storage of fat in the body.

Dryness of the hair and affected skin of the head

There may be a number of causes for dryness and dryness on the skin, but these include a poor diet, zinc, vitamin B3, vitamin B2, and vitamin B6 deficiency.

It is not entirely clear between poor diet and early diseases but when the skin is affected or it is dry, commodities, chicken, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, kale, green vegetables, starchy vegetables, nuts, and Increasing the use of seeds can be beneficial.

Seafood, meat, pulses, dairy products, nuts, and commodities are a good source of zinc.

Hair fall

Hair loss is encountered by many people, but it can be prevented or reduced by some nutrients.

For example, a high intake of diets containing iron, zinc, linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, vitamin B3, and vitamin B7 can help prevent this problem.

Vitamin B is essential for keeping the hair healthy and as a result of this deficiency, the hair starts to fall off a certain part while there is a link between vitamin B7 deficiency and hair loss.

Meat, fish, eggs, lentils, leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and commodities are a good source of iron and zinc, while vitamin B3 is also found in meat, fish, dairy products, commodities, pulses, nuts, seeds, and green leafy vegetables are helpful, these foods also contain biotin, which is also found in egg yolk and kale.

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