Parenting Children: Remember these five things to become good parents

We are influenced by our parent’s way of raising our children. This means we raise our children as our parents do. Remember these five things to become good parents

Maybe we have learned some good things. But you can definitely learn a lot more.

Remember these five things to become good parents
 Remember these five things to become good parents


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Psychologist Flippa Perry, in her book ‘The Book You Want Your Parents Head Red’ (a book that you would like your parents to read) advises people to be good parents.

She explains how you can be a good parent so your children can get off to a good start. At the same time, you should not put too much effort into it.

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According to the psychologist, here are five tips for becoming a good parent:

1. Determine limits

Yes, it will be difficult because we all love our children so much. But at one point we cross the line.

Even if you think you allow your kids to be a little more independent, you still have to set some limits.

But how to create a boundary of love? The answer is in ‘I’, not in ‘you’. You have to make your role clear, not your own children.

So that means you have to say, ‘I know you want to get away while you’re traveling by bus at night but I’m not ready to allow that right now.’

Parents should not be like, “No, you’re only 13, you’re too young right now.”

Nobody likes to talk about them like that. So define yourself, not your children.

2. Accept your children’s every mood

Our fault is that we want our children to be extremely happy all the time.

It’s like we love them so much we can never see them disappointed. That’s why we tell them: “Don’t be sad.”

But it is important that we allow them to have all sorts of moods while staying with them in the meantime.

We must approve all the children’s emotions so that the child is no longer depressed or frustrated.

3. Remember that you are a mirror of your child

You match your child. It would not be wrong to say that you are their human image.

Our behavior with children becomes part of their personality.

If we keep saying to them, ‘Look, you got dirty shoes!’ Then they will always see your angry face.

It is important that you first laugh at them and then mention dirty shoes.

You should always strive to be happy with them.

4. Every kind of attitude is a way of talking

If you think there is something wrong with your child’s behavior, remember this: Every kind of attitude is a way to communicate.

Kids want to tell you something with this kind of behavior and this is the best way to say it.

So you should try to find the true meaning of such behavior and then help them so that they can say what they are feeling without hesitation.

We must approve of all their feelings, if not okay.

We should teach children to express our emotions and not worry about what we would do if we were in their place. Everyone is different.

5. Your child is not a project

According to the psychologist, ‘Your child is not an exercise that you should tackle quickly. Nor is it a project that you can complete in the best way. ‘

“Your child is a human being who has his own personality.”

Kids are big or small, they are the first humans

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