Pta New Method stolen mobile complaint

If you want to Avoid Blocking Mobile numbers due to SPAM/ Bulk SMSs. Pta New Method stolen mobile complaint
Every Mobile or company operator has anti-spam filters in order to control spam activity in their respective networks.

The most important SMS outgoing services will be blocked automatically in case of one of the following criteria.
If a subscriber exceeds a frequency of sending more than 150 SMSs 15 minutes 250 SMSs 1 hour, and 1000 SMSs in 24 hrs.

As per procedure, a maximum of two times restoration is allowed (if not involved in marketing unsolicited communication). And on third-time subscription will be suspended and restoration will be subject to submission of undertaking as per the format provided by PTA.

This is important to Report Unsolicited SPAM Through Short Code 9000.
A dedicated common short code 9000 is available to consumers for reporting spamming marketing communication text messages for blocking of the same at the respective operator’s end (after verification).

Pta New Method stolen mobile complaint

Procedure to report Send an SMS at shortcode 9000 and in the body of the text message first write the spammer number. Then after a space paste or write the content of the message you received from the spammer.
To Block Promotional Marketing Unsolicited Communication.

Consumers have the facility to register their number in Do Not Call Register (DNCR) by sending a message at shortcode 3627 with the text “reg”. Once the subscriber is registered at DNCR then no promotional messages will be delivered to such subscribers.
If a subscriber or person wants to receive messages he/she can do it by sending a message “unreg” to shortcode 3627.
If you want to Block Obnoxious & Fraudulent Communications – Short Code 420.

Subscribers who do not wish to receive any communication including obnoxious calls/SMSs from any particular number may avail of 420 shortcodes (by dialing *420#/ 420). Facility offered by all mobile operators for blocking such communication.

The Mobile or company operator then restricts that number from calling SMS to the complainant again.
In this way you can block numbers on your own mobile set.

Many mobile phones have this important option to block any caller.

Pta New Method stolen mobile complaint

Pta New Method stolen mobile complaint.


This is the Procedure for Blocking of Lost/ Stolen/ Theft Mobile Handset (IMEI(s)). but,

You may enter a complaint of lost/ stolen/ theft mobile handset for its blocking.

When the complaint is successful registration of the complaint. And the reported mobile handset (IMEI(s)) will be blocked only within 24 hours.

But, other Procedures for Unblocking of Lost Stolen Theft Mobile Handset (IMEI(s)).
On the recovery of your lost stolen theft mobile handset with the assistance of the Police Station CPLC etc.

You may Say an online complaint about unblocking the recovered mobile handset.

For example, More ways to Report to CPLC Police. and Assistance in Recovery of Mobile Handset.
Advised to report the lost stolen theft mobile handset complaint with the concerned Police Station or Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) Karachi on their:

Help Lines: (21)35682222 (21)35662222 1102.

Email: recovery of your lost stolen Theft mobile handset.

You can Register your complaint Through this link

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