Pregnant women should never use this thing!

Today, drinking tea and coffee has become a habit of people, but scientists have shown that tea and coffee contain caffeine – which is extremely harmful. Should never use this thing

Pregnant women should never use this thing!
 should never use this thing!

Experts say that when a woman is pregnant, she should quit using tea and coffee because women who drink tea and coffee daily during pregnancy increase the risk of pregnancy loss In addition, women who wish to get pregnant should also discontinue their use, as the use of it reduces the chances of getting pregnant.

Scientists have conducted experiments on about 1,200 pregnant women in this research process, and the results conclude that the amount of caffeine is harmful to their unborn children. The amount is high or low

Scientists also say that should not go for tea and coffee in the first eight weeks.

Dr. Alexandra Puredsmith, head of the research team, said: “If women who want to become mothers also stop using caffeine, it will help them get pregnant.

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