Is drinking water harmful to health? { Full Detail }

You may have often heard that you should not drink water after meals or in the middle because it affects digestion. Is drinking water harmful to health?
Or, as a result, the body does not properly absorb the nutrients in the diet or the stomach becomes inflamed.
Is drinking water harmful for health
Is drinking water harmful to health?

Likewise, some say that as a result, toxic substances begin to accumulate. Which can lead to many medical problems, and naturally, you may be wondering if drinking a glass of water with food can have really negative effects. Or just a misconception.

Learn about the scientific evidence that drinking water during eating can have an impact on digestion and health.

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What is the basis of healthy digestion?

Understanding or understanding why water is thought to affect digestion can be helpful in understanding digestive systems.

The digestion process begins with the first dose of saline, chewing gum salivary gland signals saliva. Which contains enzymes that help to break down the food.

In the gastrointestinal tract, the diet is found in the acidic fluid, where it has more pieces and becomes a thicker fluid. In the small intestine, the fluid is found in the digestive enzyme. Which contains pancreas and bile acid. Which further breaks down the fluid and begins to absorb blood in every nutrient.

In the small intestine, most of the nutrients are absorbed during the trip to the fluid, leaving only one protein absorbed.

These nutrients in the blood travel to different parts of the body, and the entire process of digestion (depending on what you eat) is completed within 24 to 72 hours.

So water during digestion causes digestive problems?

Drinking the right amount of water can have many benefits, but some people claim that using drinks during meals is not a good idea.

The first claim

Some people emphasize that acidic beverages cause dry mouth, which in turn makes it more difficult for the body to digest food, but there is no scientific evidence that the consumption of these drinks has a negative effect on digestion.

The second claim

Many people also claim that drinking water with food resolves gastric acid.
Nutrient enzymes make it difficult for the body to digest food, but this is not true either.

Third claim

Another popular debate is that consumption of alcohol with food speeds up the digestion process, it is believed that it reduces the association between gastric acid and digestive enzymes, leading to digestion. It is affected, but there is no scientific research or evidence to support this claim.

Water can improve digestion

Drinking water or fluids can help break down large portions of a diet, and it can also help in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it helps in the smooth passage of the diet, which helps prevent stomach upset and constipation. In addition, the stomach supplies water with acid and nutrient enzymes during digestion, in fact, water is needed for the proper functioning of these enzymes.

Save on food cravings and high calories

Drinking water during meals helps to hold the nasal passages while chewing.
which means having a moment to check for hunger and stomach signals and preventing excessive eating.

It also helps reduce body weight.

Increases metabolism speed and helps burn more calories.

Interestingly, the rate of calorie burn decreased when water increased the body temperature, possibly because the body spends more energy to warm the cold water, however, the effects on water metabolism are much greater. Not prominent and not visible to everyone and it is also on the water, not on other caloric beverages.

Who can be harmed?

Most people do not experience any adverse effects from drinking water with food, but if you suffer from chest irritation, it is possible to have adverse effects from the water with food, such as water or alcoholic stomach. Increases in volume increase gastrointestinal pressure, which can cause irritation in the chest.

The final result

Do not use it if you are experiencing stomach upset or heartburn due to the use of water or beverages along with food, otherwise, there is no evidence to prevent drinking water with food.

In fact, using water or beverages before or in the middle of the meal facilitates the digestive process,
helps with hydration while feeling full, just remember that water is the healthiest choice in drinks.

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