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How To Show And Activate Protocol Cccam Option in Multimedia Receiver For entering Cline

1. Go to Menu From Remote
2. Go to Multi-Media Option

3. Select The Multi-Media Option 
4. Press Any number From Remote
5. A Box Will Be Appear On Screen

6. Then Press The cod That 1506 in 1506 cod receiver
7. All Cccam Dscam Sharing And Patch Option will be shown on                                                       Screen.

how to activate Protocol Option In Multi-Media digital sat lite receiver
how to show cccam cline option In Sim Supported digital Receiver
How to activate cline option in 1506g cod receiver

How to add cline In multi Media receiver

cccam is a server that provides us the connection between webserver to digital satellite receiver when they connected they provide channel on satellite receiver that is shown on TV screen throw digital satellite receiver this server provide us that channel that is encrypted and that channel that has permission for showing in satellite receiver they are charge some money from the user for showing the selected channel cccam is a small package of dish channels see how to use and enjoy channels

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