Helpful prescriptions for hair loss

Regardless of the hairstyle, long, thick and shiny hair is preferred by everyone, especially for women, long and thick hair is considered a sign of beauty. Helpful prescriptions for hair loss

But everyday engagements, stress, emotional stress, and polluted environments make men’s hair fall asleep and weak.

Helpful prescriptions for hair loss
Helpful prescriptions for hair loss

Thin and poor hair also tell a lot about health as something that can be a sign of illness or a poor diet.

But the good thing is that you can easily dilute hair and even accelerate its healthy growth.

Get help with oils and gelatin

Gelatin is a great source of protein, half a cup of gelatin contains 22 grams of protein and this is why it is also beneficial for hair thickness and firmness, for this purpose add gelatin in water without flair Add some oil like coconut oil to it and then rub it on the hair and massage it on the head. Wait a few minutes and then wash your head with water.

Eggs and yogurt

Eggs are rich in protein, biotin, and vitamin B12, which are essential for thin and oily hair. Using it on the hair can be staggering for the first time, mix some amount of egg into the yogurt. Apply hair on and leave for an hour, then wash the head.

Massage with oil

According to one study, massage on the head helps to improve hair growth and thickness, massage increases blood circulation, gently massage with oil on the head before applying shampoo, for this purpose Oil can be used. Which is very beneficial for delicate and infected hair.

Overuse of vegetables, fruits

When hair loss is low, they begin to break down. If you want strong and healthy hair, increase the use of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Hair needs iron, biotin, and vitamins for healthy growth. However, most vegetables such as spinach and seeds are rich in iron. While the use of fruits is best for vitamins.

The best solution for thickening and strengthening hair

Hair loss is a problem that almost everyone is suffering from, and costly recipes are tried to deal with this problem.

But now we’re going to tell you the cheapest and best solution to this problem, yes! We are going to tell you today about oil that can be used to finish the hair and make the hair grow stronger and thicker.

Lubricant Arnold or Castor Oil

Lubricating oil, also known as castor oil in English, is the best oil for hair that causes hair fall and hair to become strong and dense.

Using this oil strengthens the hair while it also works to prevent germs from growing in the skin of the head.

Lubricants contain vitamins that are very helpful for hair growth while this oil is also capable of dampening hair.

On the other hand, oilseeds can also be used on eyebrows and eyelids, using this oil deepens the eyebrows while the eyelids are too long.
Lubricants are found in high amounts of Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids and vitamin E. This is why using this oil can cause hair loss while also strengthening the hair.

The oil also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that protect the skin from infections and bruises.

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