Common dietary habits that cause obesity 

Are you worried about getting out of the body or increasing your body weight? Even though you don’t eat much and exercise, is this the problem? Common dietary habits that cause obesity

If so, the reason for this may be hidden in your food style. 

Yes, people who are addicted to their food very fast can be at a higher risk of many diseases, including obesity and obesity. 

 Common dietary habits that cause obesity 

It is a highly harmful habit that can lead to increased physical weight, and obesity. 

The following are the reasons why food is considered too fast by medical experts to be harmful to food. 

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Force more food 

In today’s busy world, people are often very quick and eat food in chaos, but the brain needs time to analyze the stomach-filling signals. In fact, it can take up to 20 minutes for the brain to realize that the stomach is full (this duration may vary from person to person).

When you eat too fast,

it becomes much easier to eat than physical needs, and with time, these extra calories become a physical weight. A study of children found that 60% of children who eat too fast eat more than they need. And those who are more likely to have more physical weight than others are three times more likely to be overweight.

Obesity and risk of obesity: 

is one of the few major medical problems in the world at the moment and it is a complex disorder that causes endless other diseases. Obesity is not only a poor diet, sitting at all times, or lacking strength. In fact, lifestyle factors also play a role. For example, research reports have also described eating too fast as a potential risk of obesity and obesity. A recent analysis found that people who ate fast are twice as likely to be obese as those who eat comfortably. 

Increasing the risk of other diseases 

Too-fast eating not only causes obesity and obesity but can also cause other medical problems. Such as 

Insulin resistance. There is a high risk of eating, and Insulin resistance is a factor in the development of diabetes and also indicates the risk of metabolic syndrome. 

Diabetes Type 2:

More people Eating fast increases the chance of type 2 diabetes. A study found that people who eat more quickly are at a half-time risk of this silent killer disease. 

 Common dietary habits that cause obesity 
Metabolic syndrome:

Eating too fast and increasing body weight also increases the risk of metabolic syndrome. Which can increase the risk of blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. 

Poor hygiene:

Fast eating habits also affect the health of the body. People who are very low in their diet are likely to be infected with the disease. 

Food is less fun:

For those who do not have much food. It is not a health issue, but a lifestyle issue that can be a must. 

The easiest way to avoid these problems is to eat food comfortably, chew the nawala well, and then chew it at least 20 to 30 times, small ones can also help. 

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