Causes of Dry Cough and its Home Remedies

In winter, sore throat, cough, nausea, and colds are a problem for every other person.

Causes of Dry Cough and its Home Remedies

We are all doing our best to relieve dry cough and sore throat but have you ever tried to know the reasons?

Causes of Dry Cough and its Home Remedies
Causes of Dry Cough and its Home Remedies

If not, we are going to tell you today what are the possible causes of a dry cough and which can be controlled by household tips.

Causes of dry cough

A dry cough is usually viral, while other causes can be nausea and a cold or some kind of allergy.

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If the cough is not cured timely, it can also lead to asthma or some other major illness in the future.

How to Overcome Dry Cough

If you have a dry cough, a dry cough can be overcome by following these tips and if the cough still does not cure, it is important to consult your physician.

  1.  A combination of salt and warm water can be very helpful in overcoming dry cough.
  2. Steaming turmeric or hot water is also helpful.
  3. If you have a dry cough, it is important that you drink plenty of water and use a diet that does not keep the herd dry.
  4. Within the pineapple, there is bromelain called “bromelain” which has the best anti-inflammatory properties. It is also useful to use fresh pineapple in a dry cough.
  5. Many dry spices have anti-inflammatory properties that help against sore throat and cough. Cinnamon is very useful in these condiments.
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